Trying to Rent an Apartment with Bad Credit?

Many Americans today are struggling to find a home to rent for themselves and their families. Having a bad credit score can really interfere with the process, making it impossible in some cases to have their application accepted. This can be a big source of stress for families, affecting work, school and family relationships. That is where Co-Signer.com comes in! Let us solve the issue of your bad credit when it comes to apartment rentals by being your lease co-signer!

Even with steady income and good references, a bad credit score can prevent you from being accepted when applying for an apartment rental. Landlords, owners and property managers don’t want to take the risk of accepting a tenant who may not be able to hold up their end of the deal. They are afraid of tenants coming up short on the rent, or skipping out on their lease due to financial constraints. When there are other applicants with better credit scores, it is easy for them to opt for another tenant.

Co-Signer realizes that just because someone has a bad credit score, it doesn’t mean they are incapable of fulfilling a lease agreement. There are several reasons people find themselves in these predicaments. The economic situation of recent years has created a history of employment instability, which led many people to unfortunate circumstances and a shortage of cash, available credit and the means to pay it back. Sometimes people are struggling with medical bills or other unexpected costs and just can’t keep up. Any of these reasons can easily lead to a bad credit score. This is why the company members at Co-Signer have come together to offer a service that can help you to recover from tough times by assisting you with your apartment rental.

If you have steady income and meet our requirements, we can help you get into the rental you’re hoping for by being your lease co-signer. It’s as simple as filling out an application on our site – we take it from there and let you know quickly how we can help you. We do not collect rent and the tenant is still responsible for fulfilling the terms of the lease, but our lease guarantee eliminates the risk for the landlord, giving you an equal playing field as an applicant.

Bad credit shouldn’t stop you from renting an apartment. Let the strength and financial backing of Co-Signer enable you to rent the home of your choice!

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