Whether you are an owner/landlord or property management company, Co-Signer.com can help you reduce your vacancy factor and assist you in expanding your pool of tenants. No need to turn down prospective tenants because they do not meet your screening criteria. We take much of the risk out of renting to an applicant with a low credit score or poor rental history.

Co-Signer.com uses our own underwriting to qualify a tenant. We cover the full term of a one year lease. If the tenant defaults anytime during the lease period we will pay up to 3 or 6 months’ rent from the date of default up to the end of the lease.  The program you require should be determined by the length of time it normally takes to evict and re-let a property in your area.

You collect the rent from the tenant as usual. The tenant pays Co-Signer.com a one-time fee prior to move-in.

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The Benefits of using Co-Signer.com
Should the tenant stop paying their rent, Co-Signer.com assumes financial responsibility under the terms of the Landlord Agreement. The unit must be vacant before payments will begin.  The rent will be paid retroactive to the default date.  All claims are paid through a surety account set up through Provident Trust.

Co-Signer.com will give you peace of mind and an added level of financial security. Simply refer your prospective tenant to Co-Signer.com. The prospective tenant is directed to our website and fills out an application on line. If the prospective tenant meets our qualifications, based on many factors other than just a credit score, we will guarantee the rent on the apartment or single family home. You will typically receive notification of approval within 1-3 business days of the initial completed tenant application.  The approval time frame is largely determined by how quickly the applicant provides all supporting documents.

Co-Signer.com guarantees the tenant's rent if you ever have to evict a tenant for nonpayment of their lease agreement. Co-Signer.com will act as the guarantor for your tenants, offering you the security and peace of mind knowing you will receive the rents you contracted to receive.

Simply call us at 1-855-COSIGN1 or contact us through our website.  A representative is waiting to answer any questions you may have and help get you moving toward a more profitable and tenant filled future.

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