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About Us
Our Company is composed of a group of people that come from a real estate, financial, and legal backgrounds, many of whom have suffered setbacks themselves in these difficult economic times. We know that bad things happen to good people.

We understand there are people out there who need a little help in securing a home for their family. If you are unable to qualify for any reason we may be able to help. was started to give good people with bad credit the ability to lease a place to call home. It’s that simple.

What We Do guarantees rent for a one year lease.   Should you default any time during the one year lease, will pay the landlord for three or six months of rent (program determined by the landlord and described below).  Although this does not cover the full term of the lease, it does give the landlord time to ready and re-let the property without a loss of rent revenue.  The rent will be paid to the landlord on a monthly basis until the property is re-let, the lease expires or the guarantee is used in full.

Who May Qualify For Our Service

- Past BK
- Delinquent student loans
- Past eviction
- Collections
- Foreclosure/Short Sale
- Repossession


What We Don't Do
We do not collect rent nor are we involved in any aspect of your lease agreement with your landlord, other than acting as a guarantor.  Although we make every effort to assist in locating a home for you, we are not a placement agency and make no guarantee that a landlord will allow the use of our program.  Currently, we only offer cosigner services for residential leases.

Guarantee Programs offers two lease guarantee programs a three month guarantee and a six month guarantee. The choice of which program is appropriate for you will be determined by the requirements of the landlord and the amount of time it may take to evict in the case of a default in your particular area.

What Will the Guarantee Cost You?

Application fee of $75 for the first applicant and $50 for each additional applicant, Real Estate, Las Vegas, NV

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